Rita Rolston Woodward

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Rita Rolston
Residing In: Vernon, BC Canada
Occupation: Artist
Children: Son Kendall, born 1974; Daughter Zarina, born 1978; Daughter Mary Desmarae, born 1980; Daughter Errin, More…born 1983; Daughter Tatianna, born 1991. Ten Grandchildren
Yes! Attending Reunion

My first job was selling cosmetics door to door. While attending senior high I was a waitress at Athens Pizza on main street where the Italian Kitchen is now. I also worked for Sooters photo Studio selling apointments for photo sessions door to door. I attended Penticton Summer School of Fine Arts and Banff School of Fine Arts. I studied with Topham Browns' Art Studio and Mrs. Middletons' Studio. My interests included doing wedding photo shoots and various crafts, painting scenery and murals and drawing, etching and making cards and producing prints of my work.

School Story:

In 1973 I worked at the Vernon Army camp that summer setting tables and as kitchen helper and sandwich maker for the officers luncheons. I married Keith Gerling in October and I worked at Vernon Interior Printers when my children were young and did catering for Okanagan Catering, setting up for banquets etc. and serving. My interest was in sales and I found that I was good at Selling Amway and Avon products to make extra money, while raising my children. In 1994 I divorced and worked as a display artist for Polson Place Mall. I worked for Northern Research doing interviews and getting people walking through the mall to take a quiz and try a taste test of future products being surveyed for sale. That was my most interesting job. I loved greeting the people and the pay was awsome. I remarried in 1998 and started a trailer park in Enderby where I resided with my spouse. That marriage only lasted six months as He was doing many illegal businesses. I had a 16 yr. old daughter and a seven year old that I was raising at that time and the marriage jeopardized their safety and mine. I continued living there in a mobile home and moved my son into one of the vacant mobile homes and continued renovating and selling the mobile homes on the land until 2011 when I walked away from the two homes left and now I rent with my son in Vernon. 2014 presently.

Who was your most memorable / favourite / influential teacher?

Mike Young my Art Instructor. He had the most memorable projects involving artwork that I have ever done. There was such a variety of things that we did with different mediums etc. I did silk screening, ink on tile transfers, skulpting, wire forms, line drawing, Printing from reliefs pressed into paper, just to name a few.

What was your memorable / favourite / influential day at school or a school event?

I allways enjoyed awards day because I knew I would have atleast one for my Artwork achievements. I don't remember anyone dislikeing me as I was well known for making friends and doing art for them, posters etc.

Where was the most unusual / surprising / farthest away place that you ran into a classmate after leaving school - and who was it?

I met Brenda Davis in Calgary Alberta at a mall when I lived there in 1985 and we got together at my place after that until she
moved to Edmonton. I met Linda Gagne in Enderby at a Canada Day Celebration, her brother William introduced her to me, and she hasn't changed very much at all. I think she lives in Ottowa or Toronto. Ask William!

What does your dream house look like and where in the world would it be located?

I have always wanted to retire in Waterton Alberta ever since I went there in 1969. Waterton Park is my favorite place on earth. My dream house would include a nice size, outside swimming pool because I love to swim. The house would have to be on an acreage outside of town because I love the country fresh air and wildlife. The house would be ceder logs with vinyle no-sweat windows,ceramic tile flooring and wood flooring and would include an efficient wood stove and have its own power plant. I like to be self-sufficient, not reliant on anyone. I would have a garden. Only a two bedroom house would be perfect.

If you've moved away from the area, would you ever consider moving back?

I have moved away to Clearwater, Calgary, Enderby, and yes I always come back to the lakes and orchards of Vernon. I have been to Hawaii and down to Vegas but home is Vernon.

Is there something that you've always wanted to do, but haven't had the chance yet?

I love boating, tubing, and fly fishing and never get to do enough of any especially fly fishing. I like to go hunting but have not since I was a young adult. I would like to go up in a hot air balloon.

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